Sunday, January 20, 2013

Dr.Martens Pewter Koram Flash Boots

Just got these and did a review/unboxing . I love Dr.Martens. I think they are classic boots and spice up any outfit or look you are trying to pursue because of the various designs and styles they have.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Steve Madden Astorrr Shoe Review & Unboxing

I had been contemplating if I really wanted to purchase this style of boot. But after a few researching and falling in love with this boot I decided to purchase it. Being that I couldn't afford the Balenciaga's which were $1200 I was initially left with 1 choice the Jeffrey Campbell Coltrane boots with the spikes are priced at $198 and with tax I would be spending $200. I love bargains so anytime I can get one I go after it. I was doing a bunch of browsing and came upon the Steve Madden Astorrr Boots which are priced at $149.50
literally $150 plus 25% . The Steve Maddens look very identical to the Jeffrey Campbells which I really liked so I decided to chose the Steve Maddens.

Steve Madden

Jeffrey Campbell

The Boots In Person

Me Wearing The Boots

I would give these boots an 9.3/10
because they scuff easily and looked kind of dusty after a day of wearing them to school. But even with the scuffs they manage to look fabulous!

Here is the video: