Monday, December 8, 2014

Chic Biker


Here is my Biker Chic look

This what I call a Biker Chic look. If I was a bad gal who rode motorcycles with my biker dude I would wear something like this.
  • Forever 21 Rockstar Faux Leather Jacket
  • Forever 21 Men The Stooges Muscle Tee
  • Forever 21 Men Mirrored Sunglasses
  • H&M Circle Skirt
  • Mossimo Studded Combat Boots

Thanksgiving Day Recap

The Story:
I had been looking all over the place for the perfect faux fur jacket until one day I had came across one inside of H&M (one of my favorite stores). I knwew when I first layed my eyes on this jacket I had to have it! No doubt about it. The day I went to purchase the jacket it was just my luck it was the last one left in my size and it was sold out online. I also had a 20% off coupon which saved me a few bucks.
I have came to the conclusion that each year it should be traditional that I wear a faux fur jacket on Thanksgiving Day.


  • Zara Fashion Fact T-Shirt
  • H&M Dusty Pink Faux Fur Jacket
  • Velvet Leggings
  • Quilted Combat Boots

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Halloween Recap

For Halloween I wanted to be something cute and chic without doing too much. I came up with the perfect idea from one of my favorite TV show series The American Horror Story. American Horror Story is a TV show that has a different theme each season. This show has been around since 2011 but I discovered it in 2012 when the Asylum edition was playing. I must warn you if you have never watched this show before, it is very explicit,graphic (I'm surprised they even play it on tv), yet very intriguing. I chose to be "Marie Laveau" which was Angela Basset in American Horror Story:Coven. She was the immortal voodoo queen.

Marie Laveau

I pieced this outfit together with some new and old items in my closet.
                        I am wearing
  • Fringe Forever 21 Jacket
  • Dots Fringe Chain Necklace
  • Sheer Black Top
  • H&M Circle Skirt
  • Forever 21 Pointed Boots
  • Topshop Velvet Lips: Raven


My braids were done by @thefiercest



Nosidam Style is currently under a major construction. My leave of abscence will soon be over.

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Monday, May 26, 2014

Bodycon Craze

This year I am beginning my new obsession for Body-con dresses and skirts. Usually I am more of a flare dress and skirt type of gal but I am beginning to evolve. Here are a few ways I have styled my body-con dresses with some new and old pieces I've added to my closet. My grunge look and My Cali look are being featured in this post.Now as you have noticed in basically all of my outfits I am always wearing a blazer or some sort of jacket. My tip with that for any of my curvy figured viewers is that some blazers and jackets make you look slimmer. Now That I am going to be in the blazing heat of Illinois I can't wear blazers like I did last summer so I will be wearing shirts tied around my waist for that extra sass in my outfit.(My favorite thing to do now.)

The Grunge Look

    • Forever 21 Leather Fringe Jacket (Now on Sale) 
    • Black Body-Con Dress Dots
    • Forever 21 Mirrored Aviator Sunglasses
    • Steve Madden Astorr Boots

The Cali Look

  • Dots Jersey Body-Con Dress
  • Thrifted Flannel Shirt
  • My Favorite Coralie Dr.Martens

Thursday, April 17, 2014

84tm "Meet The Creator"

84tm is a new clothing line on the rise in 2014. I would like to introduce the Founder "Brittany Fields" from Savannah,Georgia.
Here is her outlook on creating a clothing line and why she wanted to.

(all bolded words are responses) 1.What made you want to create a clothing line?
"Honestly,I got tired of wearing shirts I felt I could've designed better."

2.How did you come up with you clothing line name and logo?
"I played with different names and ideas , but nothing seemed right. One day I went to my grandma's house and sat down at the table refusing to get up until I came up with the perfect name. It just came to me 84 , of course that's the year I was born in but I wanted to make it so much more about the year 84 and not about me. It manifested into something much bigger than I could've imagined.For my logo I didn't want anything that would take away from the clothing. I just wanted something simple 84."

3.How do you promote your clothing line ? What did you do to get your line out there?
" I utilize social media , my website , and I also have a blog.When I first started I also gave away alot of my shirts to get my stuff out in the streets."

4.When first starting your describe what it took to get it started, was it hard or easy?
" MONEY! .... Most importantly the support from my family and friends honestly to keep me motivated , and not to give up. It's alot of clothing lines out here but as my cousin Riggs say "They don't have sh*t on 84" lol. It gets very hard at times but,I see the bigger picture. I might sound cliche but anything worth having is worth working for." 

5.How much dedication did you have to put into the line to make it happen?
"I'm so dedicated to 84, I barely have a social life, I  make alot of financial sacrifices. It's been a lot of sleepless nights, and me not being able to see my family as much as I want."

6.For any boys and girls that want to start a clothing line what advice would you give them?
"LET NOTHING OR NOBODY STOP YOU, and you have to invest in yourself before you expect anybody to invest in you. When I say invest I mean time and money. Always stay humble!!!!!"

If you would like to purchase a shirt from 84tm here are the links to their website.


Here is Brittany


Here is my outfit feature for 84tm 
I am wearing of course an 84tm shirt 
Forever 21 faux leather pants
Cheetah Jeremy Scott's 

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Coralie Dr.marten Review

I've purchased the Dr.Marten Coralie boot about a few months ago. When I first discovered these boots I was in love with them, they reminded me of my favorite designer "Chanel" ! They are quilted just like the bags that Chanel makes and it was amazing to me. These come in 4 colors the Black , Cherry Red , Purple , and Pink. I chose the cherry red color because I had been wanting some cherry red docs for the longest and I had enough black boots in my life. The other two colors were ok but they weren't me. I must admit these boots were a hastle to break in but they are totally worth it at the end because they are simple yet classy and add a twist to any outfit.

  • Vintage Blazer (purchased for only 99cents)
  • Army Green Skater Dress (purchased from Dots $3)
  • Coralie Dr.Martens

Thursday, January 23, 2014

2014 Trend Alert

Ladies and Gents I must say I have a good eye for the trends!
I always find myself wearing things before everyone else and when I wear people are like Wtf does this girl think she's doing. But that's the way of life... I guess?
So I have been having this craze over fur! And for vegans there is faux fur ! I wear both the faux and real deal!  Fur is the upcoming trend of 2014 it's been around for ages and it's been seen on many celebrities and glamorous people . My personal opinion fur is beautiful , I love the soft texture of it and the look it gives off with outfits. The best thing about the new age is you can get the celeb look for a cheap cost. When I say I'm all about getting a bang for my buck it's the honest truth. Below I'm going to show you all how I piece A few of my fur pieces in my closet! I have more pictures than I uploaded but I didn't want to over whelm the post with too many pictures of me. lol....

Also some good websites to purchase you a fur jacket or vest are

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Faux Leather and Faux Fur Jacket !

Rabbit Fur

One of my fashion idols Kanye West wearing a givenchy fur jacket! @teamkanyedaily

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

New Year New Kicks

I cannot believe it is already 2014. This past year went by so fast! I must say it was a great year for me , I met new people , experienced new things , and all in all I feel renewed and ready to take on everything the new year throws at me. Anyway enough about me I'm hear to tell you all about some new things I've been rocking. I have said before (I think ) that I am a mixture of different styles. I take pieces from trends and make it my own which is why I created the term "Nosidam" . Nosidam means more than one style, mixing highs with lows and it's also my name backwards. For example I can take some items from boho chic , preppy , and punk and put it in one outfit making it work. 

So I have been messing around in the sneaker field , as you know I'm all about my boots. I love boots especially Dr.Martens , but I still like my sneaks from time to time. 

I took a few photos from my instagram @m4dsn 

The sneakers i'm featuring are the 

Reebok Freestyle Keith Haring High-Top Sneaker

One day I was browsing the internet and went to the Urban Outfitters website and they were having a sale on their sales items. The sale was %50 OFF the sale item price. When I tell you my eyes lit up like I saw a pile of gold in front of me. I was going through their shoes and came across these Keith Haring limited edition Reeboks. I was wanting a pair of Reeboks for a while I just never got the chance to buy some. I had seen them before ,but I wasn't that crazy about them til I could get them for $27.50 plus free shipping!!!! The original shoe price was $125.00 and on sale it was $54.99! I couldn't beat that so I went ahead and purchased them. They had arrived pretty fast , within 3 days of me ordering them. As usual I would come home and they would be waiting for me to unpack on my bed. I must say they looked exactly like the picture on the website. I was in love with such an awkward unique shoe.

By the way if you are interest in buying these shoes they are still on sale at Urban Outfitters for $54.99
click this link below to take you straight to the site

When They Arrived

My first time wearing the shoes.
I wore the shoes with

  • Commes Des Garcon Tee Shirt
  • F21 Polka Dot Bomber Jacket
  • F21 Faux Leather Skinnies

Here's just another pic of me wearing some Jordan 3's the classics to me.