Thursday, April 17, 2014

84tm "Meet The Creator"

84tm is a new clothing line on the rise in 2014. I would like to introduce the Founder "Brittany Fields" from Savannah,Georgia.
Here is her outlook on creating a clothing line and why she wanted to.

(all bolded words are responses) 1.What made you want to create a clothing line?
"Honestly,I got tired of wearing shirts I felt I could've designed better."

2.How did you come up with you clothing line name and logo?
"I played with different names and ideas , but nothing seemed right. One day I went to my grandma's house and sat down at the table refusing to get up until I came up with the perfect name. It just came to me 84 , of course that's the year I was born in but I wanted to make it so much more about the year 84 and not about me. It manifested into something much bigger than I could've imagined.For my logo I didn't want anything that would take away from the clothing. I just wanted something simple 84."

3.How do you promote your clothing line ? What did you do to get your line out there?
" I utilize social media , my website , and I also have a blog.When I first started I also gave away alot of my shirts to get my stuff out in the streets."

4.When first starting your describe what it took to get it started, was it hard or easy?
" MONEY! .... Most importantly the support from my family and friends honestly to keep me motivated , and not to give up. It's alot of clothing lines out here but as my cousin Riggs say "They don't have sh*t on 84" lol. It gets very hard at times but,I see the bigger picture. I might sound cliche but anything worth having is worth working for." 

5.How much dedication did you have to put into the line to make it happen?
"I'm so dedicated to 84, I barely have a social life, I  make alot of financial sacrifices. It's been a lot of sleepless nights, and me not being able to see my family as much as I want."

6.For any boys and girls that want to start a clothing line what advice would you give them?
"LET NOTHING OR NOBODY STOP YOU, and you have to invest in yourself before you expect anybody to invest in you. When I say invest I mean time and money. Always stay humble!!!!!"

If you would like to purchase a shirt from 84tm here are the links to their website.


Here is Brittany


Here is my outfit feature for 84tm 
I am wearing of course an 84tm shirt 
Forever 21 faux leather pants
Cheetah Jeremy Scott's 

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