Monday, December 8, 2014

Chic Biker


Here is my Biker Chic look

This what I call a Biker Chic look. If I was a bad gal who rode motorcycles with my biker dude I would wear something like this.
  • Forever 21 Rockstar Faux Leather Jacket
  • Forever 21 Men The Stooges Muscle Tee
  • Forever 21 Men Mirrored Sunglasses
  • H&M Circle Skirt
  • Mossimo Studded Combat Boots

Thanksgiving Day Recap

The Story:
I had been looking all over the place for the perfect faux fur jacket until one day I had came across one inside of H&M (one of my favorite stores). I knwew when I first layed my eyes on this jacket I had to have it! No doubt about it. The day I went to purchase the jacket it was just my luck it was the last one left in my size and it was sold out online. I also had a 20% off coupon which saved me a few bucks.
I have came to the conclusion that each year it should be traditional that I wear a faux fur jacket on Thanksgiving Day.


  • Zara Fashion Fact T-Shirt
  • H&M Dusty Pink Faux Fur Jacket
  • Velvet Leggings
  • Quilted Combat Boots

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Halloween Recap

For Halloween I wanted to be something cute and chic without doing too much. I came up with the perfect idea from one of my favorite TV show series The American Horror Story. American Horror Story is a TV show that has a different theme each season. This show has been around since 2011 but I discovered it in 2012 when the Asylum edition was playing. I must warn you if you have never watched this show before, it is very explicit,graphic (I'm surprised they even play it on tv), yet very intriguing. I chose to be "Marie Laveau" which was Angela Basset in American Horror Story:Coven. She was the immortal voodoo queen.

Marie Laveau

I pieced this outfit together with some new and old items in my closet.
                        I am wearing
  • Fringe Forever 21 Jacket
  • Dots Fringe Chain Necklace
  • Sheer Black Top
  • H&M Circle Skirt
  • Forever 21 Pointed Boots
  • Topshop Velvet Lips: Raven


My braids were done by @thefiercest



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