Saturday, December 7, 2013

Back and Ready

Hey Viewers,

I know I haven't blogged in months ! I've been a bad fashion blogger for that! But I am back and ready to post reviews and outfits! I'm even featuring some new lipstick reviews and maybe even some hair reviews. I have basically been taking a break from a few things. Now that I have done my break it's time to get on my grind. 

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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Fashion Show Attire

Many people don't know that I am a multi-talented person! I can basically do almost everything. Last night I attended a fashion show and I did makeup. I'm not that much a crazy makeup person. I just like my fashion and every now and then i'll dabble in the makeup world. The event was wonderful and I met so many fashionable people ! I love ATLANTA! I missed it so much. 

anyway...... enough about that ! Last night my outfit was basically $20 except my shoes and belt lol

I wore

  • Mesh Peplum $9.99
  • Peplum Skirt $9.99
  • Moschino Belt $295
  • Dr.Martens $130
  • Celine Inspired ID Knecklace $12.99

You don't have to ball out just to be fabulous!

Here are some of the pictures from last night

My Friend's collection @theophilio (his instagram name)

Sunday, April 28, 2013

St.Louis Goodwill Adventure/Review

So I moved to Illinois about 7 months ago. I stay very close to St.Louis rather than Chicago. Everybody knows I am an obsessed thrifter and I love going to thrift stores, antique shops, and garage sales. When I first moved to Illinois my mother , I , and my 2 little sisters went to the Goodwill Outlet. Now mind you I had never heard of a such thing as a GOODWILL OUTLET!!! I was excited to go there. Now Goodwill is a neat organized thrift store. This is not your typical Goodwill. When you walk in there are big giant blue bins that look like trash bins literally. You have to rummage through them to find anything. It was alot of dust and things and if you ever go bring gloves to put on your hands because who knows what you will be touching. My first visit I found a REAL dooney and bourke vintage purse , some shirts, and dresses. In my opinion it was really fun. I love searching and finding new treasures. Many people have mixed reviews about this goodwill outlet. Although it isn't your high-class thrift you will find many things. For clothes it is only 79 cents a pound for clothing and everything else is 39 cents a pound. We left the outlet with 2 giant bags for only $11!!! Now that was really good. I went 4/28/13 (today) and got 2 giant bags which could have been 3 for $23.15. I found many cute purses and clutches as well as jeans,sweaters,jackets,and blazers. For as much stuff as I had gotten it would have been in the hundreds at an actual goodwill. Although it's not your typical thrift it is totally worth the adventure. If you like to search :)

Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Easter

Happy Belated Easter Everyone.
I went to church with my family and out to dinner. 

My outfit consisted of
Fabulous Studded Blazer (thrift)
Dress from UO
Vintage Stubbs and Wootens (thrift)
Vintage Chanel Purse (Great Grandma)

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Busy Bee

Hey everybody! I'm sorry about me not being consistent with the posts. Life throws so many things at you at once so I have been a busy bee. 

Remember online boutique is coming soon. I'll be releasing the official name in a few weeks.

Here are some mini photoshoot pictures.

I am wearing a vintage floral blazer ($4 thrift), diy ombre jean dress, Steve Madden Astorr Boots ($120) Spiked necklace ($2)

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


My fabulous viewers , I know you all have been wondering where I have been. Well I have just been trying to keep up with school but all is well. I have some Outfit Of The Day's! I will be picking up the slack and you will be getting them every week. But here are a bundle of outfits!

My valentines day outfit
  • Tahari Blazer (Thrifted)
  • Commes Des Garcon Shirt (Far Fetch)
  • American Apparel Chiffon Sketch Skirt (Ebay)
  • Steve Madden Astorrr Boots (Steve Madden)
  • Target Knee Highs

Funeral Attire
  • Thrifted Blazer
  • American Apparel Sheer Black Skirt (AA)
  • Dr.Marten 1460 Black (Journeyz)
  • Target Cat-Eye Glasses
  • Id Chain Knecklace
  • Vintage Dooney & Bourke (Goodwill)

Fab Day At School
  • Vintage Polka Dot Shirt (thrift)
  • Faux Fur Vest (hand dyed by me) (Karmaloop)
  • American Apparel Skirt (AA)
  • Target Stockings
  • Vinatge Sling Dooney & Bourke (Great Grandmother)
  • Although you can't see My Pewter Koram Flash Dr.Martens
  • Forever 21 Chain Knecklace (Forever21)

Throwback Day At School I did 90's Cosby Daughter
  • Vintage Puff Sweater (Goodwill)
  • Moschino Belt (Moschino)
  • Colorblock Vest (Thrifted)
  • Highwaist Jeans (Thrifted)
  • Dr.Marten 1460 Green (Dr.Martens)

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Meet Joe Billionaire Owner of "Royal Galore" Clothing Line

MEET Joe Cochran m.k.a Joe Billionaire 

Joe is from Atlanta,Ga. 
He started the line "Royal Galore" because he felt that people were all the same in Atlanta as far as style. He says it had even got to the point where he couldn't tell people apart so he decided to start his own look.

Why did you come up with the name "Royal Galore"?
Joe Says
 "The name came from my views on life and how I want to live as a king from the clothes I wear,The house i'm in,The money I make ,And  the foods I eat as they say , "Tonight We Shall Feast Like Kings." "

How did you come up with your logo?
Joe Says "My Logo is A Weed Leaf drawn out by myself and I use the cheetah pyramid as one of my symbols. Your maybe thinking what does Royalty and Weed have in common. A friend and I originally had a clothing line on the rise called #STONERLIFE but after a few disputes we went our seperate ways. I kept it going until I switched my style of fashion which made me change the name. "

How did you promote your clothing line?
Joe Says " My friends and I would post the site for the line on all the social media network, Wear the clothes out in public to events, and just out with friends. I eventually got business cards made and did a commercial . "

What did it take to start your line? Was it hard or easy?
Joe says " when I first started Royal Galore it took alot of Networking with people, spending money, and most importantly TIME. But at the end of the day it was worth it. I wouldn't be where I am today . Times can get hard, but when you put your mind towards it and you dedicate yourself it's easy. 

I Put Every Bit of my dedication to Royal Galore , I am a sole proprietor of my Business so if I don't do it No one will .

"For Anybody trying to take on fashion or become a clothing designer  I say, "Be your own man or women , Dont change your style do what you like , And when you see the hate come you know your doing your job right" - Joe cochran 


Tumblr:  & Instagram: Joe_Billionaire

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Dr.Martens Pewter Koram Flash Boots

Just got these and did a review/unboxing . I love Dr.Martens. I think they are classic boots and spice up any outfit or look you are trying to pursue because of the various designs and styles they have.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Steve Madden Astorrr Shoe Review & Unboxing

I had been contemplating if I really wanted to purchase this style of boot. But after a few researching and falling in love with this boot I decided to purchase it. Being that I couldn't afford the Balenciaga's which were $1200 I was initially left with 1 choice the Jeffrey Campbell Coltrane boots with the spikes are priced at $198 and with tax I would be spending $200. I love bargains so anytime I can get one I go after it. I was doing a bunch of browsing and came upon the Steve Madden Astorrr Boots which are priced at $149.50
literally $150 plus 25% . The Steve Maddens look very identical to the Jeffrey Campbells which I really liked so I decided to chose the Steve Maddens.

Steve Madden

Jeffrey Campbell

The Boots In Person

Me Wearing The Boots

I would give these boots an 9.3/10
because they scuff easily and looked kind of dusty after a day of wearing them to school. But even with the scuffs they manage to look fabulous!

Here is the video: