Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Meet The Owner Of "The Rookees Clothing Line"

Meet David Reese From Atlanta,Ga.

Owner of "The Rookees Clothing Line"

What made you want to create a clothing line?
Well when I was younger I always liked to try and stay up to date with the latest fashions but I could never afford the things that I really wanted, so that's where my thirst for fashion comes from. As I got older I started finding ways to make my own money even though some of those ways weren't the best thing to do I eventually made enough money to dress in the attire I wanted to and as I entered my freshmen year at GGC I came up with a way to incorporate my love of fashion and making money. And the rest is history.

How did you come up with your clothing line name?
I simply came up with the name "The Rookees" based on the fact that i'm a "Rookie" in this business and I came to take that "MVR" (Most Valuable Rookie) Award!

How did you come up with your clothing line logo?
Even though my clothing line is geared more towards the underground urban designer scene such as: Play Clothes, The hundreds, and BBC I wanted to come up with a more simple and elegant logo for my signature line and so that's how I came up with the Signature "Rookees" logo.

How did you promote your clothing line? What did you do to get your line out there?
I'm pretty much still starting out so its still somewhat hard for big names to take me seriously but I broke through with my first piece of clothing and the makers of "The Ratchet Girl Anthem" (Hudson Brothers) contacted me and started wearing my skull caps in their videos and even in their remake of the whisper song by the "ying yang twins" they shot a video for it which was another hit and had their close friend Niko Goodrum who also plays for the Minnesota twins in my stuff so that was another plus for me.

When first starting your line describe what it took to get started. Was it hard or easy?
 Its hard but it's only hard if you make it hard. if you truly love what you are doing then you will love it, but the hardest part about this business is you have to be careful of what designs you chose and what you put out because you dont want to put out BS and definitely don't want to be accused of "biting".

How much dedication did you have to put into the line to make it happen?
the answer is simple. you have to put your ALL in to this to make it happen. NO SHORT CUTS!

 For any girls and boys that want to create a clothing line , What advice would you give to them?
"Be original and don't be afraid to take risks, because scared money don't make no money."

http://youtu.be/NA3mD0-oNVQ  Cheat song (hudson brothers) rookees skull cap

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

What Is A 'Thrift Store" ? & Tips On Shopping At Thrifts

Many people think negative thoughts about a Thrift Store while many others feel there is completely nothing wrong with shopping there. Like me! I never knew what a Thrift Store was til about 2 years ago and I was like the other negative thinkers til I actually went inside. My first adventure to one was a "GoodWill" . The saying "Never Knock It Til You Try It" is nothing but the truth. Because I went inside and found some good items like this "Gap Jean Shirt" some "Banana Republic Shorts". Then after my encounter I have literally been obsessed. I now have a different outlook on shopping because I used to spend boatloads on clothes. Now I get best of both worlds. I can save and splurge at other high-end stores as well.

What Is A Thrift Store?

A Thrift Store is a Second-Hand clothing store where people donate clothes and they resale them for cheaper (VERY CHEAP!) prices.

When You Donate Clothes Do They Pay You?

No they do not pay you to donate your clothes. There are some Second-Hand clothing stores that will do a trade for cash. But dont expect to get major bucks , even if you have some high-fashion designer items.

Who Can Shop At A Thrift Store?

Anybody can shop at a thrift store! Even Celebrities shop at Thrifts Like ------>>>>
Drew Barrymore

Julia Roberts 

Zac Efron 

Tips & Advice On Thrift Shopping

  • When locating a Thrift Store a good area to go to would be the Wealthy Communities. There you can find many high-end fashion labels that can be treasures to your closet. Here are some website that will help you locate thrifts near you Thrifty Planet & The Thrift Shopper .
  • Note that most Thrift Stores do not have dressing rooms . So when going to shop dress lightly DO NOT layer too many clothes because it will be hard for you to try on the clothes.
  • Shopping at a Thrift Store is not like shopping at your regular retail store . It takes time to find certain items, Don't expect to rush in a find something. Don't have an exact item you want because most likely you wont find that exact item. Have a game plan because sometimes it takes a while to find things. For example I know when I go thrifting I go to the Blazers/Vest section then to the Mens Long Sleeve Shirts (Oxfords , Button Downs) then after I find clothes that catch my interest I free search for other items .
  • Find out when the store puts out the new items. That way you can get the good items first!
  • Make sure when you  go home you WASH your purchases. 

Hopefully You Have A Different Outlook on Thrift Stores If You Didn't Before or If You Never Thought Negatively About It Then You Got Some Good Tips For Shopping!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Meet The Owner Of "Rich Rebel Clothing"

  Meet  Chad "BC' Winfrey from  Atlanta, Ga.

        Owner of "Rich Rebel Clothing"

What made you want to create a clothing line?
I thought of a way I can influence the world and tell my story while being amusing. Since a kid, I always put time into my image. My peers always seemed to think I had my own “style” that was admired by many. Putting two and two together, I decided to create a clothing brand that would bring all types of people together so that I could share my knowledge, encouraging people to follow their dreams and to not be conformed to the usual expectations of the world. 

How did you come up with your clothing line name?
Truthfully, the brand name Rich Rebel was thought about while thinking back on my life who thought differently from the usual. I felt as if individuals didn’t have to follow the expected life structure to be in position to be “Rich”. The word Rich, meaning having wealth or great possessions. I don’t view “Rebel” as a word, but as a lifestyle. To me it’s defined as not being conformed to this world. When I think of my past and future, the phrase “Rich Rebel” couldn’t describe it any better.

How did you come up with your clothing line logo? 
By breaking down my logo with the wings, dollar sign, and crown it makes sense. The wings represents the "Hustle". Meaning being above the competition as whatever you do in life. The dollar sign represents being "Rich". That means having pride and passion in whatever you do in life. When you put the hustle and passion together, over time you will reach the top and the crown represents "royalty". It basically represents the process from taking a dream to reality. 

How did you promote your clothing line? What did you do to get your line out there?
Marketing is very vital when it comes to branding a product or a business. Since I realized that at an early age I knew what it would take to put my line on another level at such an fast start. I used tools such as peers who had big followings in there area. If you look up to someone then more than likely you would want or atleast try to look like them. After that I used music artist in my city to brand my line at shows and etc.. Along with using social sites like instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr to show updates and pictures of whats going on for the out of town viewers. It takes different approaches to get the product you want.

 When first starting your line describe what it took to get started. Was it hard or easy?
At the beginning of the creation of my line it took alot of creativity and patience. Sometimes the wanted outcome dosnt come out as expected and you have to do it over. But that comes with the love and drive of doing it. I love the hustle of creating new things that displays meaning. So overall I would say it was hard but with the right attitude and passion it will become easy. 

How much dedication did you have to put into the line to make it happen? 
Honestly, I put about 80% of my time into my line. I feel as if the dream I have couldnt come true if I didnt. I work to perfection and perfection takes practice and time.

For any girls and boys that want to create a clothing line , What advice would you give to them? 
I would defenitely advise them to go for it. Then I would tell them that if  fashion is something you love, then the work will feel easy, its just the matter of the time you put into it. Don't ever let anyone tell you that you can't do it because when I started it was alot of haters that didnt want to see me do my thing. 

For further questions you would like to know please feel free to contact him at RichRebelClothing@gmail.com

Twitter and instagram is RichRebelATL

GO PURCHASE YOUR SHIRTS AT www.richrebelworld.com