Thursday, July 5, 2012

Meet The Owner Of "Rich Rebel Clothing"

  Meet  Chad "BC' Winfrey from  Atlanta, Ga.

        Owner of "Rich Rebel Clothing"

What made you want to create a clothing line?
I thought of a way I can influence the world and tell my story while being amusing. Since a kid, I always put time into my image. My peers always seemed to think I had my own “style” that was admired by many. Putting two and two together, I decided to create a clothing brand that would bring all types of people together so that I could share my knowledge, encouraging people to follow their dreams and to not be conformed to the usual expectations of the world. 

How did you come up with your clothing line name?
Truthfully, the brand name Rich Rebel was thought about while thinking back on my life who thought differently from the usual. I felt as if individuals didn’t have to follow the expected life structure to be in position to be “Rich”. The word Rich, meaning having wealth or great possessions. I don’t view “Rebel” as a word, but as a lifestyle. To me it’s defined as not being conformed to this world. When I think of my past and future, the phrase “Rich Rebel” couldn’t describe it any better.

How did you come up with your clothing line logo? 
By breaking down my logo with the wings, dollar sign, and crown it makes sense. The wings represents the "Hustle". Meaning being above the competition as whatever you do in life. The dollar sign represents being "Rich". That means having pride and passion in whatever you do in life. When you put the hustle and passion together, over time you will reach the top and the crown represents "royalty". It basically represents the process from taking a dream to reality. 

How did you promote your clothing line? What did you do to get your line out there?
Marketing is very vital when it comes to branding a product or a business. Since I realized that at an early age I knew what it would take to put my line on another level at such an fast start. I used tools such as peers who had big followings in there area. If you look up to someone then more than likely you would want or atleast try to look like them. After that I used music artist in my city to brand my line at shows and etc.. Along with using social sites like instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr to show updates and pictures of whats going on for the out of town viewers. It takes different approaches to get the product you want.

 When first starting your line describe what it took to get started. Was it hard or easy?
At the beginning of the creation of my line it took alot of creativity and patience. Sometimes the wanted outcome dosnt come out as expected and you have to do it over. But that comes with the love and drive of doing it. I love the hustle of creating new things that displays meaning. So overall I would say it was hard but with the right attitude and passion it will become easy. 

How much dedication did you have to put into the line to make it happen? 
Honestly, I put about 80% of my time into my line. I feel as if the dream I have couldnt come true if I didnt. I work to perfection and perfection takes practice and time.

For any girls and boys that want to create a clothing line , What advice would you give to them? 
I would defenitely advise them to go for it. Then I would tell them that if  fashion is something you love, then the work will feel easy, its just the matter of the time you put into it. Don't ever let anyone tell you that you can't do it because when I started it was alot of haters that didnt want to see me do my thing. 

For further questions you would like to know please feel free to contact him at

Twitter and instagram is RichRebelATL


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