Tuesday, July 10, 2012

What Is A 'Thrift Store" ? & Tips On Shopping At Thrifts

Many people think negative thoughts about a Thrift Store while many others feel there is completely nothing wrong with shopping there. Like me! I never knew what a Thrift Store was til about 2 years ago and I was like the other negative thinkers til I actually went inside. My first adventure to one was a "GoodWill" . The saying "Never Knock It Til You Try It" is nothing but the truth. Because I went inside and found some good items like this "Gap Jean Shirt" some "Banana Republic Shorts". Then after my encounter I have literally been obsessed. I now have a different outlook on shopping because I used to spend boatloads on clothes. Now I get best of both worlds. I can save and splurge at other high-end stores as well.

What Is A Thrift Store?

A Thrift Store is a Second-Hand clothing store where people donate clothes and they resale them for cheaper (VERY CHEAP!) prices.

When You Donate Clothes Do They Pay You?

No they do not pay you to donate your clothes. There are some Second-Hand clothing stores that will do a trade for cash. But dont expect to get major bucks , even if you have some high-fashion designer items.

Who Can Shop At A Thrift Store?

Anybody can shop at a thrift store! Even Celebrities shop at Thrifts Like ------>>>>
Drew Barrymore

Julia Roberts 

Zac Efron 

Tips & Advice On Thrift Shopping

  • When locating a Thrift Store a good area to go to would be the Wealthy Communities. There you can find many high-end fashion labels that can be treasures to your closet. Here are some website that will help you locate thrifts near you Thrifty Planet & The Thrift Shopper .
  • Note that most Thrift Stores do not have dressing rooms . So when going to shop dress lightly DO NOT layer too many clothes because it will be hard for you to try on the clothes.
  • Shopping at a Thrift Store is not like shopping at your regular retail store . It takes time to find certain items, Don't expect to rush in a find something. Don't have an exact item you want because most likely you wont find that exact item. Have a game plan because sometimes it takes a while to find things. For example I know when I go thrifting I go to the Blazers/Vest section then to the Mens Long Sleeve Shirts (Oxfords , Button Downs) then after I find clothes that catch my interest I free search for other items .
  • Find out when the store puts out the new items. That way you can get the good items first!
  • Make sure when you  go home you WASH your purchases. 

Hopefully You Have A Different Outlook on Thrift Stores If You Didn't Before or If You Never Thought Negatively About It Then You Got Some Good Tips For Shopping!

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