Sunday, April 28, 2013

St.Louis Goodwill Adventure/Review

So I moved to Illinois about 7 months ago. I stay very close to St.Louis rather than Chicago. Everybody knows I am an obsessed thrifter and I love going to thrift stores, antique shops, and garage sales. When I first moved to Illinois my mother , I , and my 2 little sisters went to the Goodwill Outlet. Now mind you I had never heard of a such thing as a GOODWILL OUTLET!!! I was excited to go there. Now Goodwill is a neat organized thrift store. This is not your typical Goodwill. When you walk in there are big giant blue bins that look like trash bins literally. You have to rummage through them to find anything. It was alot of dust and things and if you ever go bring gloves to put on your hands because who knows what you will be touching. My first visit I found a REAL dooney and bourke vintage purse , some shirts, and dresses. In my opinion it was really fun. I love searching and finding new treasures. Many people have mixed reviews about this goodwill outlet. Although it isn't your high-class thrift you will find many things. For clothes it is only 79 cents a pound for clothing and everything else is 39 cents a pound. We left the outlet with 2 giant bags for only $11!!! Now that was really good. I went 4/28/13 (today) and got 2 giant bags which could have been 3 for $23.15. I found many cute purses and clutches as well as jeans,sweaters,jackets,and blazers. For as much stuff as I had gotten it would have been in the hundreds at an actual goodwill. Although it's not your typical thrift it is totally worth the adventure. If you like to search :)

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