Saturday, April 5, 2014

Coralie Dr.marten Review

I've purchased the Dr.Marten Coralie boot about a few months ago. When I first discovered these boots I was in love with them, they reminded me of my favorite designer "Chanel" ! They are quilted just like the bags that Chanel makes and it was amazing to me. These come in 4 colors the Black , Cherry Red , Purple , and Pink. I chose the cherry red color because I had been wanting some cherry red docs for the longest and I had enough black boots in my life. The other two colors were ok but they weren't me. I must admit these boots were a hastle to break in but they are totally worth it at the end because they are simple yet classy and add a twist to any outfit.

  • Vintage Blazer (purchased for only 99cents)
  • Army Green Skater Dress (purchased from Dots $3)
  • Coralie Dr.Martens

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