Thursday, January 23, 2014

2014 Trend Alert

Ladies and Gents I must say I have a good eye for the trends!
I always find myself wearing things before everyone else and when I wear people are like Wtf does this girl think she's doing. But that's the way of life... I guess?
So I have been having this craze over fur! And for vegans there is faux fur ! I wear both the faux and real deal!  Fur is the upcoming trend of 2014 it's been around for ages and it's been seen on many celebrities and glamorous people . My personal opinion fur is beautiful , I love the soft texture of it and the look it gives off with outfits. The best thing about the new age is you can get the celeb look for a cheap cost. When I say I'm all about getting a bang for my buck it's the honest truth. Below I'm going to show you all how I piece A few of my fur pieces in my closet! I have more pictures than I uploaded but I didn't want to over whelm the post with too many pictures of me. lol....

Also some good websites to purchase you a fur jacket or vest are

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Faux Leather and Faux Fur Jacket !

Rabbit Fur

One of my fashion idols Kanye West wearing a givenchy fur jacket! @teamkanyedaily

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