Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Ombre Dress

So I went to the "Thrift Store" a few weeks back . I never go through the dresses but this time I took a look. I ended up finding a jean dress. Now mind you I have been searching for one months before but never took the time to actually look in a thrift.This dress was dull and boring so I decided I would put my on twist onto the item.

The Jean Dress Original State

The Working Process

When cutting the dress , you shouldn't just free cut. You must mark a short line where you want to begin cutting , then go straight across. Also make sure where you mark it is an appropriate length for you.
The Dying Process

The Finished Effect

Now time to add spark to this dress with added details.
Dressed Up 
Now this outfit is for all occasions.

  • Oscar del la Renta Vintage Powder Pink Blazer
  • Tan Mossimo Oxford Boots
(excuse the puffed hair.)

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