Sunday, September 23, 2012

Meet Serg Aka WeFoundDrugs

Meet "The Artist" Sergio Diamond Valentino Robinson 

Also known as WeFoundDrugs
Serg says " I Always Find It Hard To Describe Myself As A Person In General. I'm Just A 19year Old Artistic Young Man Trying To Make Life Easy By Being Stuck As A Human. (Creatively Of Course That Is)."

He Was Born And Raised In Atlanta,Georgia. He Has Never Moved Out Of State So He Has Been There For Quite Some Time. He Currently Resides In What He Calls "The Boonies Of College Park" HOME SWEET HOME!

 As for Serg's Style He says " Hmmm...How Would I Describe My Style...My Style Is Simply "Evolutionary". Its Just The Growth Of My Life, The Things I Learned While Growing Up, Influential, Trendsetting In A Way, And Casual But Always Weird."           

What Made You Interested In Fashion? How Old Are Were You?     
"Well Art Of Course Made Me Interested In Fashion. My Love For Females Also Plays A Big Part As Well. I Had To Be In My Freshmen Year Of High School When I Really Started To Get Interested In The Industry Of Fashion." He Stated.

Do You Have Any Idols That Influence Your Style Or That You Look Up To?
Serg Replied " Oh yes definitely. Since I believe music and fashion are cohesive, a lot of music artists influence me. Lady Gaga, Kane West, Toro Y Moi, a lot of underground pop artists and indie artists as well."

What is your favorite designer and store? 
Alexander McQeen, Balenciaga, Jeremy Scott, a lot of Haute Couture designers and many urban designers influence me altogether in a way that I can't just have 1 favorite designer. The diversity of styles become combined into this one big clash is what makes me. The only stores that I really like are urban outfitters, Hot Topic, the entire Little 5 Shopping plaza, Value Village and many other thrift Stores.

 Have you ever shopped at a thrift store? If not Why? If so What is your take on shopping there? 
Yes of course I shop at Thrift Stores. I personally love it.

Last But Not Least  Do you have any tips to boys and girls about styling and dressing themselves?
The only tips I can give to boys and girls is to just be themselves. Not too much of dress in your comfort zone, but dress the way you want. Always dress according to your body type. 

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Twitter: @wefounddrugs
Webstagram: @wefounddrugz

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