Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Meet Diamond AKA Hollywood Posh

Diamond is A Well-Known Fashionista, Stylist, and Socialite from Atlanta,GA & Currently resides in Atlanta,GA As Well.She Is Also The Owner of Posh World Boutique ( She Describes Herself As Very Outgoing & Very real . She Does What She Wants and Has a Very Care Free Spirit.She Doesn't Do Anything for Approval and Does What She Feels Is Best For Her.
Twitter: @HollywoodPosh
Instagram: @HollywoodPosh

Interview Questions and Diamond's Response

How would you describe your style?
My Style is Very Care-Free Just Like My Personality. I Wear What I Want To Wear. I Do Not Follow Trends or Try To Set Them. I Like To Try A Lot Of Different Things.

What made you interested in fashion? How old were you?
My Mother and Father Were Always Into Fashion. They Dressed Nice and Were Always Well Groomed. You Can Say I Was Literally Born Like This Way. 

Do you have any idols that influence your style or that you look up to?
No , I Do Not Have Any Idols or People That I Look Up To. I Like Some Celebrities Style , But I Do Not Idolize Their Style Because It Is Not Me. 

What is your favorite designer and store? 
Right Now I'm Loving Top-shop , That's My New Obsession. My Favorite Designer is Chanel Because All Of Their Items Are Classic.

Have you ever shopped at a thrift store? If not Why? If so What is your take on shopping there? 
No, I'm Not A Thrift Shopper. I'm Not Really Good At It. I Went One Time But I Didn't Find Anything. It's Not Really Me I Would Rather Go Into A Retail Store and Buy My Clothes and Piece It Together.

Do you have any tips to boys and girls about styling and dressing themselves?
Just Be Who You Are and Do What You Want To Do. Don't Dress For Approval. Dress What You Feel Is  Your Style and How You Want To and Whatever Makes You Happy Do It!

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