Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Meet Kristopher AKA Kris Hilton

Kris Is A Fashion Mogul From Cleveland, OH & Currently Residing In Cleveland, OH. He Does A Little Bit Of Everything. From Journalism, To Styling, To Designing, To Marketing, And Sometimes Even Modeling. Right Now He Is A PR Intern For Cupcake Mafia ( ) And A Fashion Journalist For KnowStyle (

Twitter: @YvesRauxCouture
Instagram: @YvesRauxCouture 

Interview Questions and Kris's Response

How would you describe your style?
My Style Is Very Versatile. 1 Day I'll Do Prep, The Next Day I'll Do Casual Or Street. I Like To Mix It Up All The Time So You'll Never Know What To Expect! You Can Never Go Wrong With A Shirt, Tie, & Blazer. That's What You'll Catch Me In The Most!

What made you interested in fashion? How old were you?

I've Always Been Interested In Fashion, Since I Was A Kid. But I Would Have To Say My Career Kicked Off In High School. I Saw That Everybody Dressed The Same. I Didn't Like That Style, So I Dressed The Way I Wanted To. I'm Talking Studded Blazers, Spiked Jackets, Spiked Boots. Everything Was Designed By Me. Before You Know It, I Was Writing Fashion Articles For The School News Paper, Designing Accessories For Students & Even Teachers. That's When I Knew I Was Going To Go Far Doing What I Do!

Do you have any idols that influence your style or that you look up to?
 I Admire Kanye West, Miguel, Pharrell, Fonzworth Bentley, Brianboy, Dee & Ricky, And Gareth Pugh!

What is your favorite designer and store?
Omg I Love H&M. Not A Day Goes By That I Don't Wear At least 1 Article Of Clothing From There. I Kinda Don't Have A Choice It's Almost All My Wardrobe! Oh Yeah & Asos. Gotta Love Asos!

Have you ever shopped at a thrift store? If not Why? If so What is your take on shopping there?

Oh Yeah I Definitely Thrift! I Mainly Go For Vintage Nike Jackets And Stuff, Which I Usually Find A Lot Of! Thrift Stores Are Full Of Surprises, You Never Know What You're Going To Walk Out With. I Highly Recommend It If You Are Into The Vintage/Hipster Style.

Do you have any tips to boys and girls about styling and dressing themselves?
Don't Think About What Other People Are Gonna Say About You. Dress The Way YOU FEEL COMFORTABLE DRESSING. You Don't Have To Follow Trends, Or Fight To Be The First Person With The New Jordan's. If You Don't Like The Styles And Trends Of Today Generation, Stand Out And Start Your Own Trends. Before You Know You'll Be The True Trendsetter!

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